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Want a new car, but not sure how you can pay for it?  Want to make sure you are getting the best rate on a new or used car loan?  Want to know what insider tips can help you get the best deal on your next car?  Then is the right place for you.

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We provide objective information on all the major auto lenders in the industry.  Just like you would shop for the right pair of shoes, you should also shop for the right auto loan lender.  The difference between an auto loan lender that understands you and one that doesn’t can drastically increase or decrease your interest rate.

Auto Loan Types

Everyone has different financial needs; because of this, we have outlined a number of the different loan types available to you. No matter what auto loan type or loan length you are looking for, from 36-month (3 year) car loans to 72-month (6 year) car loans, or if your credit is less than perfect, we can help you find the right auto loan.

If you are ready to purchase a car, let guide you through the process.

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36 month new car:
60 month new car:
48 month used car:


Rates vary depending on your credit and the lender

Updated: January 2014

Source: Uehara Index