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If you are looking for a new vehicle, then you need to find a lender who possesses the same values and desires that you do.  Today, there are so many stories of people who have been taken advantage of by their financial institutions because they were unaware of the terms and conditions to which they were being held accountable.  This means that you must, above all, find a lender who values honesty and integrity as much as you do.  Needless to say, finding a lender who fits the above description can be tough.  Luckily, there are companies like Bank of America.  Bank of America offers service to 29 states and to 35 countries, with nearly 17,000 ATMs.  They employ almost 200,000 individuals worldwide through their own and affiliate companies.  Bank of America has cultivated a reputation for being an honest, caring, and considerate presence in the auto lending and financial services industry.

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Bank of America Loan Programs and Qualifications

Bank of America has a unique approach to the lending process.  Their loans are tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual customer.  Customers can select the options with which they feel the most comfortable.  You will not have to commit to a loan that you do not want.  For individuals with credit problems, Bank of America has a variety of special programs that will help you obtain the financing that you need in order to get the vehicle that you deserve.  Depending on your individual circumstances, Bank of America can also offer you one of their debt consolidation programs.  Their auto loan programs vary depending on they type of vehicle that you choose to finance.  A few of their options include:

  • Terms from 24 months
  • Private vendor or dealer financing is available

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Bank of America Auto Loan Application Process

Bank of America attempts to make financing your vehicle easy from start to finish.  To that end, they have created a set of informative tools that you can use during the planning phase of your auto loan experience.  This educational approach allows potential borrowers to select from a wide range of choices and weigh out the pros and cons to each loan option.  They have answers to your questions about auto financing, as well.  When you are ready to commit to a Bank of America auto loan, simply contact a Bank of America representative to get the process started.

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Updated: January 2014

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