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When searching for the right company to finance your new vehicle, there are many important and stressful questions that borrowers must seriously ask themselves:  How much can I really afford?  For how long will I want to own this vehicle?  What would I like my monthly payment to be?  How much money, if any, can I afford to put down on a vehicle?  These questions may seem overwhelming, but they are crucial when applying for the financing of a new vehicle.  The ideal auto lender should, however, assist you thorough each step of this process by providing you with sound advice and a variety of loan programs that can match your individual circumstances.  Capital One has been providing stress-free solutions to financial issues since 1995.

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Capital One Loan Types and Qualifications

As many people have come to expect, Capital One offers one of the most diverse ranges of products and services in the auto lending industry.  If your credit has endured some difficulties, then Capital One can help.  They can offer you one of their innovative loans at a special rate that will help you reestablish good credit.  Capital One attempts to make financing a vehicle easy for everyone.  In fact, they have the newly developed “Blank Check” program that allows individuals who have already been approved for their loan to be given a blank check from Capital One.  This check can be exchanged at a dealership for your new or used vehicle, so there is no haggling over interest rates, monthly payments, or loan fees.  Capital One will have already taken care of that.  They do, however, have a few stipulations to auto loans, which include:

  • Loan minimum is $7,500
  • Loan maximum is $100,000
  • Term lengths from 30-72 months

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Capital One Auto Loan Application Process

You can apply for either their “Blank Check” loan or for a more conventional loan from Capital One online and receive approval in minutes.  They even have special low interest rates starting at 5.89% for individuals who apply today (depending upon the loan program).  In addition, there is no application fee for applying for a Capital One auto loan.

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Updated: January 2014

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