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Obtaining a loan from a dealership can be a sure fire way of paying too much for your vehicle each month.  There are, however, some dealers who approach their financing programs the same way in which they approach their vehicles:  with care and precision. Daimler Chrysler AG, also known as Chrysler Financial, has been a major entity in the auto industry for years.  With the financial section of the company currently headquartered in Berlin, Germany, they have been behind some of the major innovations of today’s vehicle industry.

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Daimler Chrysler Loan Programs and Qualifications

Daimler Chrysler AG makes investing in a new vehicle as simple as possible.  They offer financing for both new and used vehicles that have been purchased from their dealerships throughout all 50 of the United States and many international locations, as well.  When you purchase a vehicle from Chrysler Financial, you are eligible for some of their many financing incentives that offer discounts and cash-back allowances upon your purchase of a vehicle.  They offer:

  • Terms from 24 to 72 months
  • Leasing options for those not looking to purchase

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In the event that your credit history is less-than-perfect, then purchasing a new vehicle could be a great way for you to begin reestablishing a consistent payment regimen.  Chrysler has special financing available for everyone who is dedicated to being a responsible consumer.

Daimler Chrysler Auto Loan Application Process

Applying for a Chrysler Financial loan has never been simpler.  Your Chrysler dealer works directly with Chrysler to make the process of obtaining an auto loan as efficient as possible.  They will both assist you through their easy application process, which does not include that messy paperwork and headache to which many people are accustomed; rather, all of the application process stays between Chrysler Financial and your dealer.  Chrysler also offers easy payment options and incentives associated with them.  For example, they offer an automatic payment plan with discounts.  Chrysler Financial also allows you to manage your account online so that you can have access to your Chrysler loan 24 hours a day.

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Updated: January 2014

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