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Nobody knows the auto loan better than the people who pioneered the auto manufacturing industry.  Wouldn’t you rather obtain a loan from a company that knows just how much a car is worth?  Wouldn’t you like to get your auto loan from a company that knows that you are making the right decision by investing in a vehicle?  This peace of mind can be only be obtained from an auto loan from GMAC. GMAC has been around since 1919 as a subsidiary of the General Motors Corporation.  Since 1919, GM/GMAC has become an internationally recognized and renowned company. GMAC offers a wide variety of auto financing options that have two things in mind:  customers and cars.

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GMAC Loan Programs and Qualifications

Being one of the world’s leaders in vehicle production, it is no wonder that GMAC has a wide variety of financing options available to their customers.  Customers can choose from new or used vehicles with varying packages that depend upon your credit score, the value of the vehicle, and the age of the vehicle.  If your credit is imperfect, you may still be approved for an auto loan from GMAC, but you may be subject to special financing rates.  GMAC offers traditional financing options to customers, as well.  A few items to be aware of when financing with GMAC are:

  • Loan terms from 24 to 72 months
  • No mileage limits

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GMAC Auto Loan Application Process

GMAC is committed to giving the customer the advantage.  In order to ensure that this takes place, GMAC has integrated an educational tutorial through which potential customers are encouraged to browse.  This tutorial, which also contains the online application, gives potential auto loan customers the breakdown of exactly what they should look for and expect with regard to an auto loan.  Potential borrowers are given insight into each facet of the lending process:  from credit to mileage to interest rates.  This tutorial makes applying for an auto loan easy and informative, and it ensures that you will not be left in the dark about any step of the auto loan process.  Customers are in good hands when they choose to finance their vehicles through GMAC.

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Updated: January 2014

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