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Finding an auto loan can be a difficult process.  There are far too many lenders from which to choose, and there is no real way to compare auto lenders side by side.  One should take several factors into consideration before agreeing to a particular lender.  The most important are interest rates and terms, loan flexibility, and expertise in the lending industry.  National City Bank is one of the few lenders that can offer you, the customer, what you need from an auto lender.  Although they are headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, National City offers auto financing for individuals located in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri and Pennsylvania.  They are one of the country’s largest financial services companies, and they offer some of the most competitive options in the auto financing industry.

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National City Loan Programs and Qualifications

National City Bank attempts to make their services available to anyone who demonstrates the desire to maintain a stable financial future.  With that said, National City Bank offers a variety of options for your auto loan needs.  They have interest rates as low as 6.5%, and they have flexible time periods for which you can obtain your auto loan.  A National City auto loan must, however, meet the following specifications:

  • Vehicle must be under 8 years old
  • Minimum loan term of 32 months
  • Minimum loan amount of $5,000

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At National City Bank, customers are, of course, encouraged to be as financially responsible as possible.  They do, however, make exceptions for individuals whose credit histories reflect some imperfections.  Depending on the extent to which your credit is damaged, National City can assist you in reclaiming control over your financial situation by offering you special financing for your auto loan.  Although these rates may be higher than the average auto loan, National City Bank’s assistance is extremely valuable in repairing your credit status.

National City Bank Auto Loan Application Process

National City Bank makes it easy to apply for a loan.  Whether you decide to apply online or at a branch location, your National City loan application will be processed quickly and efficiently.  Should you decide to apply online, you can take advantage of their convenient payment calculator that allows you to enter hypothetical loan amounts, interest rates, and terms for your future National City Bank loan.  This gives potential borrowers the opportunity to plan ahead for their National City auto loan to ensure that a new car is within their budget.

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Updated: January 2014

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