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The search for a new car can be one of the most enjoyable or one of the most frustrating experiences in your investment life.  In spite of the potential frustration associated with purchasing a new car, the end result of owning a new car is really worth it.  Owning a new car means being one with technology, freedom, and reliability.  Owning a new car is also an investment, and it should be treated as such.  So, why is it that so many auto lenders offer the bare minimum to their customers?  There is no clear-cut answer, but there is a solution:  Obtain financing for your new vehicle directly from the source.  When you purchase a new Nissan you are partaking in the latest inventions and designs available.  The same is true when you decide to finance with Nissan.  They offer the latest, most desirable financing options in the industry.

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Nissan Loan Programs and Qualifications

Nissan wants to make sure that everyone can experience their progressiveness and their inventiveness.  In order to achieve this goal, Nissan offers a wide and dynamic selection of loan options and programs that make the lending process easy and affordable.  Depending on your credit, Nissan has options for you. You can take advantage of specially designed programs that allow borrowers to rehabilitate their financial health.  Or you can take advantage of some of the lowest rates on a new car with Nissan’s rewarding interest rates that are available for individuals who have flawless credit; these rates start at just over 5%.  Nissan offers:

  • Loan terms that range from 24 to 60 months
  • Fixed and adjustable rate loans
  • College graduate discounts

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Nissan Auto Loan Application Process

Nissan offers two options that are fairly standard in the auto lending industry when it comes to applying.  Customers can gain access to Nissan’s financing directly through a dealership upon purchasing a vehicle.  This typically takes a bit more time, and there is a bit of paperwork associated with the process.  There is also the option of obtaining a pre-approval package.  When you are pre-approved for a Nissan loan, you obtain financing that locks in rates for up to a month.  This means that you can take one month to look around to find the perfect vehicle.  When you find the perfect Nissan, you can obtain it immediately since you have already been approved for your loan.  This pre-approval application is available online.

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Rates vary depending on your credit and the lender

Updated: January 2014

Source: Uehara Index