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New cars tend to be expensive.  Few people have enough money to purchase a new or quality used vehicle with cash, which means that they must finance their vehicles.  This means that you either have to trust your dealership with obtaining financing for you, or you must obtain it yourself.  When you purchase a vehicle from Toyota, you know that you are making a wise investment.  For years, Toyotas have been known to be the best, most reliable vehicles on the market.  Many people say that Toyota vehicles are the longest-lasting cars on today’s market.  Toyota invests the same quality that they put into their vehicles into their financing options.  Toyota understands that the only way for people to afford a high quality vehicle is to provide them with the financing that makes these vehicles accessible.

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Toyota Loan Programs and Qualifications

Toyota offers a diverse range of financing options to customers who purchase their new and used cars.  Customers are encouraged to use their reverse estimator, which allows them to plan ahead for a vehicle that fits their unique needs and budget.  They offer a variety of terms and conditions associated with their loans that make selecting a loan as fun and exciting as choosing a new vehicle.  You may even obtain special financing if you are a recent college graduate or if your credit history is limited.  Toyota’s financing includes:

  • Terms that range from 24 months to 72 months
  • New and used vehicle financing

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Toyota Auto Loan Application Process

The thought of applying for credit at a dealership can propel people into fits of anxiety, but Toyota’s financing programs are worth the investment of time and energy.  And if you would prefer to use your time more efficiently, and you are sure of the model of Toyota vehicle that you would like to purchase, you may fill out an easy online application.  This pre-application allows you to obtain approval from Toyota’s financing department.  You may then walk into an approved Toyota dealership and simply select the vehicle for which you have been approved.  There is absolutely no fuss with any paperwork, and you will not risk moving outside of your prescribed budget.  There are also some incentives associated with completing your application online before purchasing your vehicle available from Toyota.

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Updated: January 2014

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