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USE Credit Union offers you the best of all possible worlds.  USE gives you the variety of a large bank, while offering the same benefits as a credit union.  Whether you are looking to find a loan, checking, savings, or investment help, USE Credit Union has the right products and services for you, particularly if you are in the market for an auto loan.

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USE Credit Union Loan Programs and Qualifications

USE Credit Union offers one of the largest varieties of auto loans in the industry.  They have different types of loans that work to suit your individual budget and timeframe.  These loans are available in many incarnations with the following terms, conditions, and perks:

  • Terms up to 84 months
  • Up to 125% auto financing
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Lowest rate matching program
  • Auto loan refinancing programs

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USE Credit Union offers financing for both new and used vehicles.  As long as the used vehicle for which you are seeking financing is less than eight years old, you can obtain an auto loan from USE Credit Union.  In addition, USE Credit Union strives to offer financing to people, regardless of their current credit situations.  In the event that your credit is imperfect, USE Credit Union will help you get the financing that you deserve.  Even if your credit is seriously damaged, USE Credit Union will help you recover in an efficient manner.  At USE Credit Union, they understand that maintaining perfect credit is hard, so they offer services that help make it easier.

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USE Credit Union Auto Loan Application Process

USE Credit Union is one of the many companies that has caught on to the benefits of pre-approval for auto loans.  In fact, they offer perks to their customers who participate in this program.  If you apply online for your auto loan and you are approved, you can walk into a dealership and drop the loan check just as if it were cash.  This increases your buying and negotiating power, and it ensures that you will stay within the confines of your individual budget.  Check out USE Credit Union’s easy-to-use form so that you can take advantage of being pre-approved today.

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Updated: January 2014

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