If you are looking to secure an auto loan in Massachusetts to buy a new or used car, you can expect to pay an average annual percentage rate of about 6.7%, depending on which lender your choose and your credit score.

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Auto Lenders & Loan Types in Massachusetts (MA)

Some lenders who can help you secure an auto loan in Massachusetts include:

The type of car you are purchasing, along with your credit score, will help determine the type of loan you should apply for. For example, if you are purchasing a brand new car and have great credit, you may want to look into getting a new car loan from one of our partner lenders.

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Here are some of the loans that may be available to you in Massachusetts:

Financing Car Loans in Massachusetts (MA)

If you have good credit (above 600) and are looking to buy a car, you’ll have more loan options. Consumers with good credit will also be eligible to pay lower annual percentage rates (APR). Determining your credit score is a key way to ensure you are getting the best auto loan rate you can.

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If you already have an auto loan, you may be able to benefit from refinancing your current loan. Your refinance payment may be higher or lower depending upon the type of car you drive, the age of the car, the state you live in, and your existing loan terms.

Massachusetts State Auto Loan Information

For more information about transportation and financial services in Massachusetts, you can contact the Massachusetts Department of Transportation: 

Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Dartmouth DPW
Faunce Corner Road
Dartmouth, MA

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Updated: January 2014

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