Auto Lenders & Loan Types in Ohio (OH)

If you would like to buy an automobile in Ohio and need a loan, here are a few financial resources that can help you:

  • National City Bank offers loans for both new and usedcars and trucks. Loan minimum is $5,000.
  • Honda Financial Services offers loans and leasing programs on most new Honda and Acura vehicles including motorcycles and ATVs.
  • Chase Bank will finance new car purchases and leases. They also provide loans for auto purchases from both dealers and private parties.
  • Fifth Third Bank offers leasing arrangements as well as loans on new and used cars.
  • E-Loan Auto Loans provides loans for new and used cars,refinancing of existing auto loans and loans for leases.

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Financing Car Loans in Ohio (OH)

If you have good credit, look for additional deductions on a loan issued through a car dealer. Sometimes there are factory discounts for buyers with good credit.

If you have had credit problems, you are still eligible for a loan. Almost anyone can get a loan if they are willing to pay a high rate of interest. There are several ways you can minimize a bad credit picture.

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First, always know what your credit rating is when it comes time to finance your car. You’ll find that the three major credit rating services will have different information on you. Take advantage of this so you can explain things to the financer.

Check your credit records early. If there are errors or blemishes that have been cleared up, get them removed. Finally, understand that a less than perfect credit record does not mean you have to take the first loan that’s offered.

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Ohio State Auto Loan Information

For more information on auto loans in Ohio, check with the Department of Commerce and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles on auto loan regulations and requirements:

The Ohio Department of Commerce
Division of Financial Institutions
77 South High Street, 21st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6120

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
1970 West Broad treet
Columbus, Ohio 43223-1101

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Updated: January 2014

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