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Do you need a few extra dollars to pay your electricity bill?  No problem.  We all experience money crunches every now and then.  If you need a short term loan, a Car Title Loan may be just the answer to your problems.  And we can help you apply for a Car Title Loan.

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Anatomy of a Car Title Auto Loan

A Car Title loan is a little different than other short terms loans.  With other short term loans, you usually leave a post dated check for the amount borrowed as collateral.  With a Title Car Loan, you write over the title to your paid-for car.  In some states, they even require that you provide the lender with an extra set of keys.  Then, you repay the loan in one lump sum.

It is important to note that even though you use your car as collateral, the loan you take out will not be for the entire amount of your car.  Car Title Loan amounts vary according to circumstances, but they are always for a fraction of the amount of your car’s worth.  Thus, the lender is well protected if you fail to repay the loan at the end of your term.  In some states, the lender is not even required to give you the surplus if he or she sells your car to make up for any losses.

Car Title Loans can be risky if not used correctly.  If you get a Car Title Loan, be sure that you are making a responsible choice for your situation.

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Look out for Auto Title Loan Rollovers

The main advice we offer you concerning Car Title Loans is this: Don’t roll the loan over.  A rollover is when you postpone the repayment of your loan to the next month.  A rollover comes with all kinds of fees and more interest, and they are a surefire way for you to wind up without a car.

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