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Like most Americans, you’re probably a busy person.  You have a job. You may be going to school and paying rent. You might also have kids, a spouse, and a home to take care of.  The last thing you need to do is spend hours negotiating an auto loan.  You’d much rather spend that time looking for a great car, right?  Many internet lending companies now offer something called an Instant Auto Loan.

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Anatomy of an Instant Car Loan

The Instant Auto Loan is a great product because it doesn’t come with any surprises.  You apply for the loan, and the loan consultant you are working with offers you a loan.  If you choose to accept the loan, your loan consultant will write you a check for the amount you have decided on.  After that, you can start searching for your car.  Once you’ve found the car you want, you give the check to the seller, and that’s it.

Other than that, the structure of an Instant Auto Loan isn’t much different from any other auto loan.  You provide your lender with a down payment, and must agree on a loan amount, interest rate, and time period to repay the loan.  Your interest rate will depend on the market and on your credit score.  As you make full and timely payments on your loan, you build good credit.

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Online Instant Auto Loan Security

Any reputable lender offering an online instant auto loan will offer you a completely secure application process.  If you are concerned about the safety of the site you are working with, look for a logo at the bottom of the page that states what kind of security protection their site uses.  If you don’t see one, check out their privacy information.  If you choose to apply for your loan with us, rest assured that your information will be safe.

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* Auto Loan Center is not an auto loan lender or broker, but provides information about auto loan products and lenders. Not all products and services are available in all states.

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Updated: January 2014

Source: Uehara Index