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Are you a student?  A young person who has just entered the world of adulthood?  A recently divorced or widowed woman who has only had a joint checking account with your husband?  Have you never had a bill, loan, apartment lease or credit card in your name?  If any of above descriptions sound like you, you probably don’t have a credit record.  The bad news is that it used to be hard to get an auto loan without a credit record.  The good news is that No Credit Car Loans are now available.

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Anatomy of a No Credit Car Loan

No Credit Car Loans are fairly similar to other loans in their basic structure.  You will have to supply a down payment for the loan, and you will make monthly payments to pay the loan back.  The main differences lie within the application process and the interest rate.  Because you have not yet established credit and your lender does not know what kind of financial risk you are, you may need a cosigner.  A cosigner is a close friend or relative who has good credit, and is willing to sign the loan documentation with you.  Since their signature is on the paperwork, they are legally considered responsible for the loan.  You may also find yourself paying interest rates that are a bit higher than loans for people with established credit.  However, once you establish credit with your No Credit Car Loan, you can always refinance for a lower interest rate.

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Get Financial Freedom From a No Credit Auto Loan

It’s a vicious cycle.  No one will give you a credit card or a loan because you don’t have credit, but you can’t get credit until you have a credit card or loan.  Fortunately, we know of a loophole: It’s us!  We can provide you with a No Credit Car Loan.  That means that we’ll give you a chance to build credit from scratch.

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Updated: January 2014

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