Post-Bankruptcy Auto Refinance

You needed a car after filing for bankruptcy, and were willing to pay the high interest rate that came with your loan.  Now you’ve done some damage control to your credit and are cursing your high interest rate as you write your auto loan check every month.  You’re wondering: “Do I have to keep paying this high interest rate?”  The answer is no.  If you’re interested in getting a quote or applying for a refinance car loan, we can help you.

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Anatomy of a Post-Bankruptcy Auto Refinance

When people think about refinancing, they usually think of long, expensive processes involving tons of paperwork and confusing conversations involving lots of numbers.  Fortunately for you, that kind of process only applies to refinancing mortgages.  Refinancing an auto loan is a lot easier.  The application only takes a few minutes to fill out, especially if you apply online, and the loan process itself will only take a week or so.

Another tidbit about Post-Bankruptcy Auto Refinance:  Is your car at least three years old?  If so, you may qualify for additional deductions in your refinance.

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Lower Your Interest Rate

The main reason to refinance is to get a lower interest rate.  After you filed for bankruptcy, you probably had a lot of work to do on your credit score.  One action you took to fix your credit was to get an auto loan.  You’ve made timely payments on your loan, and your credit score reflects that.  In fact, your credit score has improved so much that if you got an car loan now, you would get a much better interest rate.  In fact, that’s exactly what a refinance car loan is: a new car loan, which pays off your existing car loan and which should have a lower interest rate than the original loan.

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Updated: January 2014

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