Refinancing Your Auto Loan

You love your car, don’t you?  It’s the perfect color, it gets great mileage, you have all the buttons pre-programmed to your favorite radio stations, and you’ve even given it a name.  The only part you don’t love about it is the monthly payment part.  If you feel your interest rates are exceptionally high, you may want to do a little looking around.  Find out what the current market interest rate is, then compare it with your own.  If it’s significantly less, refinance.

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Anatomy of an Car Loan Refinance

Lots of people want to lower their overall monthly expenses, but few think about refinancing their auto loan.  When people thinkrefinance, they usually think mortgage.  However, one of the latest trends in the loan industry is refinancing auto loans.  If you aren’t sure if you should refinance or not, see if you fit one of the following profiles:

  • Your credit score wasn’t perfect when you bought your car and as a result, you got stuck with an interest rate that is a little on the high side.  You’ve cleaned up your credit, and are ready to reap the benefits.
  • You didn’t shop around much for auto loans when you bought your car.  You took the offer your car dealer gave you.
  • A few of your friends bought cars within the last few months and their interest rates are much lower than yours.

Even if you don’t fit one of the profiles, you still may benefit from an Auto Refinance Loan.  Let us help you out!

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Lower Monthly Payments for Your Auto Loan

What’s the latest revelation in the financial market?  Refinancing your auto loan online.  The reason?  Actually, it’s twofold.  First of all, you can get a dozen or so quotes without leaving your desk chair.  But more importantly, it takes so little time.  Most refinance applications only take ten minutes to fill out on the Internet.

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Updated: January 2014

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